We strive to produce traditional, mink, sepia, and solid kittens with the most beautiful, softest, and plushest coats; and the most beautiful, richest coloring. We DNA test our breeding cats with UC Davis to confirm coat color. Our Ragdolls at Fancicat Farms are all spoiled members of our family, and live in our 4,000+ sq. ft. home with us. All of our kittens are very well socialized, and raised underfoot with lots of love, attention, and excellent care from our entire family. Health is of the utmost importance to us, and all of our cats are DNA health tested and double negative for genetically inherited HCM and PKD1. We are members of TICA, and all of our cats and kittens are TICA registered.
Our kittens come with their first vaccinations, de-worming, microchip,
written general and genetic health guarantee, and a lifetime of support.
We have multiple delivery options available throughout the US, including
door-to-door delivery for some locations.

Pet Prices:
Traditional: $1,800 & up 
Mink, sepia, or solid: $1,900 & up

Deposit to reserve a pet kitten is $450


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Unlike most other cat breeds that are more independent, Ragdolls are extremely social cats, and do become very depressed, bored, and lonely without a feline friend. For this reason, I prefer to see my kittens go to a home where they will have a feline playmate. I do offer a $100 DISCOUNT if you purchase two kittens together! Please be a compassionate and responsible Ragdoll owner, and be sure to adequately provide for your Ragdoll's emotional and social needs.
All of our current kittens are now reserved. We are planning new litters to begin arriving in February and early spring. Please keep an eye on our website for updates!
To reserve a current or upcoming kitten, please call us at:

or email us at jk_adoption@yahoo.com


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SOLD - SEA BLUE BOY - Lilac mitted mink/sepia - $2,000

SOLD - SEA BLUE BOY - Lilac mitted mink/sepia - $2,000

SOLD - BURGUNDY BOY - Seal mitted mink - $2,000

SOLD - BURGUNDY BOY - Seal mitted mink - $2,000

SOLD - DARK GREY BOY - Blue colorpoint sepia - $2,000

SOLD - DARK GREY BOY - Blue colorpoint sepia - $2,000



                                                              DEPOSITS RECEIVED:

                                                                                         1.    Olivia E. (repeat customer)
.    Heather Anne W.
                                                                                         3.    Bethany W. (2 kittens)
                                                                                         4.    Darya L.

                                                                                         5.    Sasha M. (repeat customer)
                                                                                         6.    Mary W.
                                                                                         7.    Courtney C. (repeat customer)
                                                                                         8.    Rod B. (repeat customer)



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